Alpine Sprinklers installs professional, high quality residential sprinkler systems.  Our design takes into account the growth of landscape plants so that it isn’t necessary to re-vamp the system two, three, or even ten years after it is installed.  Our design uses a perimeter, 100% overlap (head to head) sprinkler head layout, providing even coverage, water conservation, and ultimately a healthy landscape.


The point of connection is the place where a tee is installed on the customer’s water supply line in order to provide a source of water for the sprinkler system.  In most cases we use brass fittings to do this.  This provides strength and longevity.  We use a brass, heavy duty curb stop valve after the tee in order to isolate the sprinkler system from the residence’s water source.

When a point of connection is established it creates what is called a cross connection. The State of Washington requires a Backflow Assembly for any cross connection. We install a Double Check Valve Assembly on every job.  This prevents any possibility of water that has entered the sprinkler system to flow back into the public water system.  Each water district is required to set up and enforce a cross connection program.  All of our Double Check Valve Assemblies are installed at the highest standards required by the water districts.


“Water hammer” is a problem where a loud thumping sound happens from the water pipes inside the house when there is a sudden large usage of water.  The installation of a sprinkler system will often cause this problem.  We provide the necessary plumbing at the point of connection to eliminate this from ever happening.


High water pressure is a problem to a residential sprinkler system.  Sprinklers heads and control valves will wear out quickly if exposed to excessive water pressure.  If necessary, we use a brass pressure reducing valve to regulate the pressure to the desired pound per square inch (PSI).


When it comes to sprinkler heads, controllers, electric control valves, there are only two name brands that we use – Hunter and Rainbird.  We experience virtually no "call backs" with these product lines.  There are less expensive product lines available, but over the first five years of a sprinkler system's life, Hunter & Rainbird will be the most economical because of their high performance rate.

We use two types of pipe.  Schedule 40 PVC pipe and 1” poly pipe.  Sch. 40 PVC is more than twice as thick as class 200 PVC pipe, which is the standard of the industry, and it is more than twice as tough as class 200 PVC.  We use Superlon 1” poly pipe for most of the system.  Poly pipe is very tough and it can’t be broken.  We have used this pipe since the spring of 1975.


It is our goal to provide you with a high quality sprinkler system that is trouble free and  low maintenance.  The sprinkler components will have a long life.  The design will accommodate your landscape indefinitely.