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Sprinkler System Repairs -

We repair broken pipes, pipe fittings, broken sprinkler head connections, and broken wires.

We replace broken sprinkler heads, broken or malfunctioning automatic control valves, broken or malfunctioning controllers, and failed Double Check Valve Assemblies.

We locate broken wire, lost automatic control valves, lost valve boxes, and leaks that are not visible on the surface.

We add zones to existing sprinkler systems, sprinkler heads to existing zones, and piping for re-routing around new landscape design.

We also redesign and revamp existing systems. Whether it's a simple tune-up for better coverage or a more complicated renovation for systems with major coverage issues.

Service Rate is $95.00 for the first 45 minutes of labor + tax and parts.
Additional time is billed at $95.00 per hour (pro-rated for number of extra minutes so an extra 30 minutes would be $47.50 + tax). A trip charge of $20.00 is assessed for areas outside these zip codes: 98025, 98027, 98029, 98059, 98065, 98074, and 98075).

Call (425) 391-8701 or alpinesprinklers@gmail.com

Spring Start-up

We turn on the main shut off valve to the sprinkler system.
We run through each zone.
We check each zone for leaks and plugged heads.
We adjust any sprinkler head that is out of adjustment.
We cut grass away from pop up sprinkler heads as necessary.
We set the controller for proper watering times.
We install a new 9 volt back up battery for the Controller.
We replace or repair broken heads or pipes.
The system will be ready for use upon completion of the spring start-up service.

Call (425) 391-8701 or alpinesprinklers@gmail.com


We use high volume, low pressure air compressors to blow out sprinkler systems.  High volume is necessary to do a complete job of removing all of the water from the system and low pressure is necessary in order to not cause damage to the sprinkler heads, valves, pipe or pipe fittings.  We own our compressors which gives us the versatility to winterize either early or late in the season while other companies rent their compressors and are not available.

We turn off the main shut off valve to the system

We hook up the air compressor hose to the blow out connection on the discharge side of the main shut off valve.

We apply air pressure from the compressor to the system.

We open each zone either from the controller or from the automatic control valves themselves.

All the water is blown out from the sprinkler system through the sprinkler heads.

Winterizing scheduling begins October 1 through November 30.  We schedule area by area for efficiency purposes

We are available after November 30.. for more information call in winterizations.

Winterize $80.00 + tax for up to 14 zones
(while in your area and before Dec 1. After Dec 1, $95.00 + tax for special trip)
Winterize $95.00 = tax for 15+ zones or pumps

Call (425) 391-8701 or alpinesprinklers@gmail.com

Backflow Testing -

Washington State Law requires all backflow assemblies to be tested by a certified backflow tester once a year.  All sprinkler systems are required to install a backflow assembly.  A Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) is typically what is installed.  They are usually installed at the Point of Connection, usually by the water meter located at the street. Click here for details on Washington State Law requirements.

We mail the test report to the customers' water purveyor and another copy to the customer along with the invoice.

Backflow Tests $50.00 + tax (if done while we are in your area)
Backflow Test Special Trip $70.00 + tax

Call (425) 391-8701 or alpinesprinklers@gmail.com

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